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New Full-Length Dabbers Album!

IT’S HERE. Our FULL-LENGTH album titled “I Am Alien Now”: 11 songs, 37 minutes, drums, bass, and reverby party time. This marks the first album w/leading lady vocals by yours truly, too! We are so proud of this little alien. Get your digital copy for only $7!


Engineered and produced by Rafter Santos-Roberts with The Dabbers at Singing Serpent Studios in San Diego. Enjoy!! 

fuzzy cover final.jpg

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Three Mile Pilot/Dabbers show flyer

This one was pretty fun for me to work on, especially coloring it. Inspired by the name, of course, I had to draw a pilot in a plane.

Dabbers poster with three mile pilot

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Super secret musical project…revealed!

I am happy to announce the debut of (Charles) Book & Record. A secret…one year in the making. We are releasing three music videos over the next couple weeks, the first of which was featured on the Juxtapoz online magazine, the next one will be on Geek Magazine. The third…well you’ll just have to stay tuned for that. Read more about CB&R in an interview we did with The Reader which just posted today.

Watch the video at our CB&R YouTube, and in the meantime, some video stills for your enjoyment:




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Next Show: Hippo Tank

I took this photo at the San Diego Zoo last summer. This brave big hippo came up to the glass and started grinning at all the yummy children in front of him, and then after posing like this for a few minutes, snorted really loud a few times (it sounded like a hippo “muah-ha-ha-ha”). So I figured I could immortilize the moment with a Dabbers flyer for our next show at the Casbah.

It will be presented/formally hosted by FM 94/9 for their About The Music program, which donates funds to schools for music education/classes. Cool!

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Squids, Change-Bots, and Kittens

I was just doodling the other day on the couch and came up with a few squids, floating eyeballs and some who-knows-whats-its.

And then I took it in to Photoshop and colored them, for you know, fun.

In the newest of news, I sent my favorite comic book artist, Jeffrey Brown a copy of The Dabbers first album and a letter expressing gratitude for continually making such great art. Great art which includes the next issue of The Incredible Change-Bots (I already have it pre-ordered of course) and a collection of cat books, see sample below:

This is a good idea of what Zeppo is like in person. Oh, have you met Zeppo the Kitten? We’ll get to that in a minute.

Mr. Brown sent me a super cool postcard in reply, and I can’t say it enough – artists who continue to keep in touch with their fans are increasingly rare and very appreciated. It made my day to see his handwritten note in my mailbox, hopefully it’s not embarrassing to post this, but I’m just so excited!

If you’re reading this at all Mr. Brown, just know that you’ll be getting our full length vinyl sometime this year!

We are still in the studio mixing, it’s taking us a little longer than last time because it’s booked way more than it ever has been, and squeezing in a spot every month makes the process a bit more tedious (but intensely gratifying when we get a song ‘done’). We are releasing it through United Record Pressing again, and like I mentioned to the phantasm of Jeffrey Brown just a moment ago, we are going to press our full length (not just a 7-inch) this time (!!!!). It will include a download card (the newest thing these days) which will allow you to get the digital version for your iThing or what have you.

Phew! I’ll post more about Zeppo next time. I think I’ll go eat some cereal right now instead.

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Happie Birthday To Meeeeeee

This is how I feel today:

I can’t believe we’re playing with this band!!!!!!!!!!

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The Flyer, At Long Last

I wanted it to be crowded and cute and weird and polka-dotted all at the same time!

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