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Tetsunori & His Benefit Show

Yay – art shows! It’s been a while. Just participated in a group show in South Park at the Disclosed Unlocation gallery (a newbie, tiny, and super cool space). Now working on a black & white line art piece (or three) this week for a benefit show in Japan that my friend Tetsunori Tawaraya is curating. ¬†Although he currently resides in Tokyo, he was born and raised in the town of Tohoku, which was ravaged by the recent earthquake and tsunami, so he is putting the money toward rebuilding/recovery efforts. I’ve got big love for Japan and am excited for the opporutnity to be in my first ever Japanese group art show! I’ll scan my peices in later this week when we send them off. Show will be in late April.

Tetsunori is a pretty cool dude. That’s him on the right, with my other friend Max. And below that, an art installation Tetsunori did in Japan (of course – he lives there).


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Art Show

I’m going to be in a group show this Saturday at a new gallery in South Park. Opening reception will be during the Spring South Park Walkabout from 6pm-10pm. There will be cute corn stalks with bubble eyes.

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Evening After A Sun Coma

Started off the extra daylight today at Tobeys 19th Hole in South Park for a cheapie tastie breakfast, then a very long walk all across town gathering Vitamin D from sun rays & grassy greens. If you’ve never been to Tobey’s 19th Hole on Golf Course Drive, you should do go, but don’t tell all your friends because then it might just get as busy as Perry’s Cafe on a sunday morning. It is very similar to Perry’s Cafe, minus the long wait, a little less grease, and smaller portions (which is for the better, I can’t even count how many times I’ve had to roll myself out of Perry’s after consuming my weeks worth of sodium and calories in one sitting, but OH how I love the place). Also, it’s cash only, seat yourself, and has the cheapest menu in town.

If you want to try them out:

Perry’s Cafe (temporarily CLOSED due to a kitchen fire in December, so I guess you’ll have to wait…)
4610 Pacific Hwy (between Taylor St & Rosecrans St)

Tobey’s 19th Hole Take the curvy road ’round Golf Course Drive and park in the lot where you see all the golfers walking around. Technically it’s located on the Balboa Park Municipal Golf Course.

As for tonights plans (since I am all relaxed due to the sun overdose): Choxie Chocolate from Target and organizing The Dabbers stuff. Ready to get back into the practice space and make some new music! The Dabbers Album #2, here we come.

On that note, we walked into the record store today and a very nice cute young lady asked for our autograph on our album that she had just bought. Things like that make it all worth it, just in the smallest moment. It’s incredibly gratifying and humbling to know that strangers are willing to spend money and really give it a listen. So cool!

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