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CityBeat Music Feature

And now…..

The story of The Dabbers, as told in the San Diego CityBeat, published today.

Read it HERE

Please come out and support on Wednesday Decemeber 30th for our very loved and long awaited full-length self-released CD on Rax Records, And I Was Like, And They Were All.

We are playing with some great friends:

Lion Cut
Street of Little Girls
DJ The Night Rocker

My friend Ryan, the man behind the DJ name, will spinning the classy tunes in between sets. Seriously, this guy has a great record collection.  He played at our show in September and it was so spot on to what I wanted to hear. Jazz/Ragtime/Motown…the works!  He puts up a good match to even some of the best of them…ahem…Mane One, I’m lookin’ in your direction…tee hee.

The butterflies in my stomach are already fluttering!

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Buy The Dabbers 7″ Here!!

They all are vibrant amazing colors, totally unique, and these are just a few colors, there are dozens and dozens more and so many different hues & tones. Rax Records first release! Limited edition run of 500. We ship within 2-3 business days after receiving payment. Hooray for new vinyl!!

3 Rax Records

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The covers are here!

I scanned them in slightly crooked, but here they are! Zack did the cut outs for the paper construction, I used a scanned image of a painting I made (the fly), and I did the “spine” on the computer. The image on the back was taken in an industrial area of San Diego using magic and a very orange wall.

We spoke with the pressing company earlier today and it looks like the records should be here this week. Then we can turn our living room into a packaging center and get a ton ready for the two big shows with Autolux this weekend. First Soma on Saturday September 26th, and then Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa.

Rax Records is our own label composed of money, time, and devotion (but certainly not in that order). This is our very own self-released piece of music. Two songs, 45RPM, mixed vinyl and cute packaging. I’m so happy!

7" Front

7" Back

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Almost Here…

Sneak Peak

Mixed vinyl means that all the colors at the record press are combined to make a marbleized gray, with splotches of random color. Each record will be completely unique due to the pressing process. We went through United Record Pressing which has been around for ages, they put out some of the earliest Motown records and even served as housing for the touring groups (how cool!). The vinyl is getting pressed (hopefully we’ll get it in a few weeks) and the full-color cover art is done, so the first Dabbers vinyl is almost ready – hooray!

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