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Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces

This is a progress shot of the comission piece I did in the fall. I never revealed the entire piece, but I decided I will slowly show you…bits and pieces! It’s especially fun to see the progress photos because you can see how I would focus on just doodles and then color and then back to doodles. More to come.

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A few hours in, no coloring yet, I want to make more progress on the doodles first. Free-handing everything (no pencil or drafting)…just marker to paper! I work best when I just go for it and draw direct without drafting sketches, mostly because I hate back work and erasing lines and also because I feel like I compose the characters better with an inky marker than a chunky pencil.

I will have to pause and color soon though because it’s hard to be aware of the color schemes when you are just drawing characters. For example, if I draw a lemon next to a sun next to a banana…even though they are all unique characters I might not realize while I’m quickly drawing that I just made a big chunk of potentially all yellow hues, which makes the piece imbalanced and less interesting (in my view).

Back to it!

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“831 Characters” – The Process

I completed the first half of this piece over the span of three weeks. But I took a long break, then procrastinated until I only had three days left to finish and frame it. So here is a take by take of the last few days and minutes of finishing the top half to make it in time for hanging it at the Ink Pencil Paint art show at the L Street Fine Art gallery downtown. These last photos were taken about six hours apart, between friday to sunday. It was a delirious and strange time for me, sitting in my room staring at this large piece of paper, trying so hard to think of anything, drawing it, and then coloring (using watercolors and markers) it on the spot. I am very happy with the finished piece.

Monday July 14th 1:00am
(only one week left to finish it)
work station...

Friday July 18th 10:30pm
(not even close to being done..)

Sunday July 20th 3:00pm


Sunday July 20th 10:00pm


Monday July 21st 1:00AM!


Monday July 21st 5:00pm – FINISHED!

"Ink Pencil Paint" piece

Besides the art, the musical performances of Christmas Island and Wild Weekend were, as always, super rad and added so much to the event. I must say that Mr. Lee Lavy did a fine job curating this show, from organizing the artists, music acts, finding a great DJ for outside (DJ Mane One!), and passing out hundreds of flyers…all for a really great friday night post-Comic-Con art show! After hibernating in my house for days and days trying to finish the piece, I found it a great release to be around people that enjoyed staring at it for minutes at a time. Almost overwhelming, I think my piece provides some entertainment, and I think that is my favorite part of it – making people feel that same thing I feel when I see an inanimate object ‘doing’ something funny. Maybe my head works a little different then others, or perhaps, I’m on imagination overdrive all the time, but I like to think that just for a few seconds other people were able to understand why a fire hydrant, or a paint roller are pretty cute little things if you think about them being ‘alive’ and doing what they do. The finished piece is titled “831 Characters”, because it does actually contain 831 characters all drawn and imagined by my strange brain. Yes, I sat down and counted every single one.

"831 Characters"

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