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Craft & Draft – all done!

The Craft and Draft Holiday Bazaar was a great learning experience and networking event for me. Things I learned today:

  1. Make prices easy to read. Keep it simple. Less is more. I can get a little carried away with borders and dollar signs and such. Price tags are not another art form!
  2. Stuff that people can touch with their hands sells quicker – the pins and magnets were a hit! Anything packaged, framed, or otherwise not super accessible is more likely to be ignored. At least for a “grab & go” shopping experience at a busy holiday bazaar.
  3. Bring more cash change. Cards aren’t always the preferred method. Again, with a “grab & go” shopping mentality, cash is king. Next time I’ll be prepared.

I will be listing the pocket mirrors, new magnets & pins, and all original prints on Etsy. I have an old account that needs quite a bit of freshening. What better way to start the New Year with a spruced up online shop?

Now that this show is over, I’m looking forward to a little relaxing, tea, and sending off christmas cards to all my friends and family. I have one illustration commission to finish up this week – and then it’s the official holiday season/break for me!

Ornaments (Boozy, Pizza, and Beer):IMG_0058

All ready!





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Pocket Mirror Designs

I’m really excited to have real merchandise (besides original art) at the Craft & Draft event. This is the first time I’ve really ever printed my art on actual, usable products.

Below is a BEFORE and AFTER of a pizza drawing that will be made into a small 2.25″ compact mirror. I’m so excited!!



Pizza Cropped

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Cute Creatures, Good Times

Working on a banner and business cards for Craft & Draft as well as for future shows. This little squid was an original piece from the QTOD art show. I scanned it in before I sold it, and am really happy how it fits the new business cards! I’ve also realized how silly it seems now to include “.com” on anything. It ruins the aesthetic a little and it’s pretty unnecessary at this point in the game, it seems.

little squidbusiness card

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Craft & Draft Holiday Bazaar – vendors announced!

craft and draft

IT’S BACK!! The entire Hamm’s Room will turn into a crafters’ holiday wish list on Sunday, December 13th, from 11:30am – 4:30pm. Please invite your friends: Facebook event and more details here. 

Featuring Local Artists:

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Craft & Draft Holiday Bazaar – coming soon!

In about one month, on Sunday, December 13th, Blind Lady Alehouse will be hosting their Craft & Draft Holiday Bazaar. Featuring a handful of local artists selling goodies for gifting or treating yourself, this should be a super fun event!

I am gearing up some super sweet merchandise – brand new pocket mirrors (eep!), new magnets and pins, prints of the most popular pieces from my show in September (like Possum below), and more original art.

Mark your calendars – hope to see you there!!

Here is “Ol’ Possum” from my Instagram:

Ol Possum by Shelby Gubba

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