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CityBeat Music Feature

And now…..

The story of The Dabbers, as told in the San Diego CityBeat, published today.

Read it HERE

Please come out and support on Wednesday Decemeber 30th for our very loved and long awaited full-length self-released CD on Rax Records, And I Was Like, And They Were All.

We are playing with some great friends:

Lion Cut
Street of Little Girls
DJ The Night Rocker

My friend Ryan, the man behind the DJ name, will spinning the classy tunes in between sets. Seriously, this guy has a great record collection.  He played at our show in September and it was so spot on to what I wanted to hear. Jazz/Ragtime/Motown…the works!  He puts up a good match to even some of the best of them…ahem…Mane One, I’m lookin’ in your direction…tee hee.

The butterflies in my stomach are already fluttering!

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Fiction 101

This if for the San Diego CityBeat “Fiction 101” writing contest. In 101 words or less, write a fictional story. I wrote this, & it’s exactly 101 words.

“Tootsie Pop Hope”

Kozalski was a determined neurotic. He peeled grapes, organized his
ties by meaningfulness, and coughed whenever he felt disheartened. An
idealist, he yearned for world peace, and knew one could achieve it by
finding the elusive Tootsie Pop Indian, aiming at a star. One day
Kozalski spotted the rare wrapper on the ground, and gasped in horror
upon closer inspection. The Indian was gone. It was an ethnically and
gender ambiguous person aiming at the star. Tootsie had gone PC.
Kozalski stopped peeling his grapes. His ties lay in a pile. He died a
month later, of an unexplained coughing fit.

El Fin!

…..We’ll have to wait and see what happens to Kozalski and his author.

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