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A few hours in, no coloring yet, I want to make more progress on the doodles first. Free-handing everything (no pencil or drafting)…just marker to paper! I work best when I just go for it and draw direct without drafting sketches, mostly because I hate back work and erasing lines and also because I feel like I compose the characters better with an inky marker than a chunky pencil.

I will have to pause and color soon though because it’s hard to be aware of the color schemes when you are just drawing characters. For example, if I draw a lemon next to a sun next to a banana…even though they are all unique characters I might not realize while I’m quickly drawing that I just made a big chunk of potentially all yellow hues, which makes the piece imbalanced and less interesting (in my view).

Back to it!

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Orangey & Bluey Squid Friends

My favorite markers of all time are Copic markers. I just love them. One side is flat tipped, and the other is a brush. I like how spotty and splotchy things look when using each side of the tips. These little guys were colored using a Sharpie fine tip marker & colored with Copics (of course). I’ve been having fun using Sharpies lately, even though they bleed a little with the Copic ink and also are a little unforgiving, but I really like the tip on them and the texture it makes on the paper. Super inky doodles!


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Art for Japan

For the art show in Japan!

The first is made from sticker letters & numbers only, none have been altered from their original shape/form. I’m rather pleased with this one, especially the curly little hair flip on the flying bird, and the little bird at the bottom.

Shapes & lines & dots, feeling a bit shattered I suppose is the context here. I wanted to make something a little different with shapes instead of faces (for once) that would be cool to see in a big black and white art show. It was fun to make too, which of course, makes everything better.

And finally, an oddly shaped lima bean piece of paper with some ol’ pigeons looking somewhat forsaken:

Off to Nippon!

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Art Show

I’m going to be in a group show this Saturday at a new gallery in South Park. Opening reception will be during the Spring South Park Walkabout from 6pm-10pm. There will be cute corn stalks with bubble eyes.

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