Shelby Gubba is an artist and musician currently living in Southern California. Her influences include a wide range of artists, but most special to her heart are: Ed Emberly, Charlie Harper, Paul Rand, Jeffrey Brown, Richard Powers, Brassai, and Weegee. She primarily works with pen/ink and paper, occasionally using a Wacom tablet. Her focuses include cartooning, illustration, and photography (film and digital). 

In January 2015, she released the first issue of her quarterly online arts and culture magazine Goblin Reservation, featuring artists from around the globe. Writing short fiction is a relatively new endeavor, and in February 2015 she received Honorable Mention in the literary magazine Glimmer Train  for the Short Story Award for New Writers.

She currently plays bass and sings in The Dabbers along with Zack Wentz, and sings in (Charles) Book & Record. The Dabbers released  their full length album “I Am Alien Now” in June 2016. The song “Watching” off this album was featured in the new trailer for Chuck Palahniuk’s graphic novel Fight Club 2. The music video for “Hidden Tin”, directed by Grant Reinero can be watched here.

For general inquires/commissions email: shelbygubba@gmail.com



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