That’s a Wrap

QTOD: Cute Creature Art Show has officially closed. Over half of the creatures went to a new home! I am grateful to our small, but mighty, art community here in San Diego. It’s always surprising to me to see the strangers who come out to support events like this, at small galleries (or even big ones).

Everyone has been so friendly and open, something that I really can’t say I’ve experienced anywhere else. On top of that, people buy art. Yes, really. It happens! Granted, I’ve notoriously priced my original art at small price over the years, but this has always been with one intent – to share it.

I’m not sure what the point is of making cute stuff if I can’t have it live on in other people’s lives, in some small way. Just like a writer wants to publish their work to be “out there” in the world, I want to make art so that it can be “out there” too. On walls of homes I’ll never see. As fridge magnets, holding up shopping lists for strangers. As pins, stuck to lapels of coats on friends and family. Taking home piles of my own art to sit around unseen and unloved, is not the reason I draw cute little things!

I heard some great feedback from guests at this show, including the desire to see some of the creatures on shirts, as prints, or in other mediums. I have definitely taken note!

Next up, I will be participating in a holiday bazaar this winter. More details to come. For now, I’m waiting for this record-breaking heat wave to leave San Diego. Until then, I will also be working on the art for the new Dabbers album, and filling custom requests from the show. Woo!
Shelby Gubba art show

One thought on “That’s a Wrap

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