Super Doodles

Lately I’ve been drawing a lot of frogs, but now I am going to be turning my effort towards a commissioned piece of a few hundred mini characters! I did one a few years ago for a gallery in downtown San Diego, and after procrastinating a few weeks I completed the final illustration that is 831 characters in just over a few days. By “characters” I mean anything that has a pair of eyes and/or smile on it’s “face” (for example a drawing of a Tic Tac candy box had 25 characters inside because each single tic tac had a face). It measured approximately 40″ x 30″ and is now framed in my house. Every time a guest is over it seems to get the most attention of any other art hanging on the walls; I’m guessing because there are so many things to look at. It’s kind of like a Where’s Waldo with hundreds of characters and doodles, except that the Waldo you’re looking for is really just whatever catches your interest…if that makes sense.

So! This means that as I progress on the new version of this piece (which measures 16″x20″), I will be posting updates on the doodles I am adding to it. Of course I will be keeping up with the random doodles too, but most random doodles will probably be getting drawn onto this piece. I’m excited to get going!

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