Saturn Meatballs?

I made my first Etsy sale the other day, and was so excited that it was a somewhat challenging one. I was selling a very ambiguous item, which basically offered my potential customer the chance to have a custom made 1 inch pin of anything at all. She decided she wanted a “saturn with eyes and fangs”. Cool! ย I have drawn a few planets in my years of making strange Gubba art, but I was so nervous to be making it for someone I’ve never met (and she was paying for it!)

SO…here is the rough draft sketch page:

It started off a little rough. The first couple looked like suffocating meatballs on drugs, and then they started getting a better shape. Still pretty off…

I googled the image of Saturn to get a more accurate idea of the size/ratio/colors. This was the second draft:

I finally got the idea that I had in my head down on paper, succesfully. After very carefully choosing colors, this was the final sketch:

A little pixelated and the colors aren’t quite spot on…but this is him. Little Saturn with fangs, eyes, and sparkly stars floating in space. Once I button him up (i.e., put him through the button maker machine) I can send him on his way to his new home, pinned onto the clothing of an Etsy customer in Maryland (and for only $4!).


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4 thoughts on “Saturn Meatballs?

  1. This was an interesting post. It was fun to see your process. I though the little Saturn guy turned out cute!

    • gubba says:

      Thanks! I’m pretty happy with the little guy, I’m just hoping that by asking for a Saturn “with eyes and fangs” she wasn’t suggesting that he look scary/creepy (because then this would be an Etsy fail!!). ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. stormko says:

    Saturn meatball vamps…hmm, with Gubba hoops.


    You should post more art! (^_^)


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