Nomination & Updates: The Dabbers

We have finished composing a brand new set of songs and are ready to begin recording in the studio for our sophomore album!  It’s going to be a little different, possibly more anthemic and raw, a lot more backup singing from me (even starting to sing actual words, hah), and definitely more volume. I’m so excited to get started. Definitely thinking of releasing this full-length album on vinyl as well!

We’re planning on working with Archival Studios again, since we were so pleased with the production of And I Was Like, And They Were All, and since the staff at Archival are the best you can get. Working with Mitch Wilson was incredibly entertaining and relaxed, not a bit of pretentiousness or pressure, ever.

And for the big news! And I Was Like, And They Were All has been nominated for Best Alternative Album for the 2010 San Diego Music Awards. Being selected as one of only eight nominees in all of San Diego feels pretty awesome, and we are excited to be in “competition” with some of our close friends, Lion Cut & Rafter. Here is the lineup of nominees for this category:

Fight Fair – California Kicks
Hotel St. George – Fun, Shine, Line
Lion Cut – s/t
New Archaic – Movers and Shakers
Pierce The Veil – Selfish Machines
Rafter – Animal Feelings
Republic of Letters – Painted Hour
The Dabbers – And I Was Like, And They Were All

Unlike last year, when we were nominated for the Best Rock Band category, we aren’t going to win or lose based on fan voting polls, which really just means spamming all of your friends for 3 weeks to vote for your band on the SDMA website (annoying). This time the voting will be done by a panel of judges that will be making the decision.

And last but not least, we’re playing on September 13th at the Casbah with Shonen Knife!!! They are an awesome, straight from Japan, all-girl Japanese punk rock band that has been together since 1981!

Oh man, this is going to amazing. Yes!! The poster I’m making is going to be the cutest, ever. Japanese text, cute colors, ridiculous creatures….oh boy.

Stay tuned my friends!!

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