Yashica Samurai Adventures

Went to the swap meet recently and found a working Yashica Samura x3.0 film camera. First I figured it was broken, which is why it was $10, but I loaded two rolls of 35mm film in and took a ton of photos. It takes half-frame shots which gives the photographer room to make some cooler compositions, with a stacked photo in mind. I then developed them locally at Georges Camera on 30th & University in North Park.

Good news and bad news.

The good news is that it is not broken, takes great photos, and that I have developed a decent “artistic” eye. The bad news is that I didn’t shut off the automatic setting which displays the digital date in the bottom right corner of each photograph. After taking a ten minute break to not become totally enraged at this since it “ruined” all of the two rolls, I decided I could live with the amateur mistake, and move on.

I bought 3 more rolls of film, fixed the date to not appear on the photos, and will try again. Here are some samples of the first test rolls from the “dated” set. I was able to minimize the damage by retouching the date out in Iphoto. Otherwise, they are completely untouched.

I will be posting the rest of the roll on my Flickr, if you would like to see it!


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