Garden Part III

See how they grow! Have a look at just a few of my newly adopted pets.

Senecio Citriformis

Haworthia Fasciata (“Zebra Plant”)

Saxifragaceae (Hydrangea): Violet & Pink

And of course, my raised box garden a couple months in. I’ve thinned out all the weakest spinach and lettuce seedlings to allow room for growth of the big heatlhy ones. My Early Girl tomatoes have three buds growing, and the Roma plant has just one cute little guy growing on it.

I’m very excited about my leetle new friends. My desk has more cool tropical plants on it but I haven’t documented it quite yet. I’m using several super cool vintage gardening books that my friend loaned me to research and “study” the new additions. It’s pretty cool how these little plants work. They’re so sensitive and needy all the time. I had a hard time yanking out all the little seedlings in the box garden of course, because I tend to anthropomorphize everything that is small and cute; this results in making some gardening a bit of a painful experience. Weeds on the other hand can suck it. I have no problem ripping out those jerks…

To be continued!

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2 thoughts on “Garden Part III

  1. Very nice things happening in your garden, and I love your succulent plants! Isn’t it amazing how a tiny delicate little flower can grow out of a spiny cactus or a bulbous looking succulent! Keep growing!

    • gubba says:

      Thank you!! That’s what I love about succulents, they’re so sci-fi and weird and sweet at the same time. 🙂


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