We went to the zoo today and bought memberships for a year (only $84 for two people, plus free guest passes & sky-tram rides!). Within just a few minutes of exploring, we ran across the panda exhibit and I recorded a little snippet of the big fat panda eating some bamboo. Pretty damn cute.

It’s strange that I haven’t been to the zoo in probably about 10 years, and I completely forgot it was even in San Diego. It’s so close to our neighborhood, and I drive by it all the time that I never even think about it, but once you walk in and start seeing giraffes and camels and super weird fox cat things (look up a “Fossa”), it’s totally worth it. Not to mention that hiking around the zoo for a few hours is pretty good exercise, and since we’ve spent the last two months catching up on Lost, we need the energy boost.

Read up a little on wikipedia, and yes, it really is a World Famous zoo, considered “one of the largest and progressive” zoos in the entire world and contains 4000 animals and 950 different species. Watching Planet Earth kind of made me feel incredibly removed from most of the animals on the show, assuming that I would never see them, ever, in real life. But remember those super hard to track down Bactrian Camels with only “800 remaining in the wild in northwest China and Mongolia and classified as critically endangered“? Yeah, those were there.

Here is a picture I took of a cute little kid and his two friends, you know, just hangin’ out.

Every time I’ve gone to the zoo before (about 2 times since I’ve lived in San Diego) it was crowded, filled with too many families, hot, most of the animals were hiding, and we were rushing to get through the entire zoo to get our moneys worth. Now that we have year passes, we can just drop by and say hey to the camels or the pigs or the lizards and walk around without that sense of rushrushrush, and do it anytime we want. Plus, as we discovered today, if you go there around 2-3pm on a Monday, barely anyone is there.


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