Ink: Healing Kitten

It’s still healing and a bit scabby, so don’t mind the unevenness of the coloring. Oh, and that’s my own mole perfectly aligned to be the kittens beauty mark as well.  After looking at his selection of colors I decided I wanted to do a purple and teal instead of red and light blue. I already have red on this arm and wanted to mix it up. The blue really *pops* when you see it in person, so the picture does little justice. It is the second addition to my right arm, and the fourth addition to the whole “collection” thus far. I can’t wait until it’s not puffy and tender so I can actually pet my new kitten ink.

Art: Zack Wentz (originally individual construction paper cut-outs)

Inking Artist: Dave Warshaw, Avalon Tattoo II, San Diego


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