New Dead Families

Zack has a new literary magazine online, and I am here to say that you should go check it out. It’s called New Dead Families. In just a few days, he’s already gotten over 500 views, so he must be doing something right. He is currently taking submissions, but I suggest that you read the guidelines first. Here is small snippet:

“Surrealism, irrealism, fabulism, slipstream, magic realism, new weird (or “old weird,” for that matter), “speculative fiction,” science fiction and fantasy of literary quality*will all be considered. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt either. For instance: I’m still of the opinion that the unjustly forgotten Thorne Smith and Charles G. Finney were two of our finest, and am more likely to be re-reading them in ten years than many of the more “serious” authors I’ve also appreciated and enjoyed. Remember: Beckett wrote cerebral slapstick, and Kafka considered himself a humorist. Those fellows (also two of my favorites) are still with us because, beyond the bleakness, they still thought this whole mess was worth a few solid yucks (ie if you can’t laugh, you shouldn’t bother breathing).”

Of course, I am incredibly proud of him, so I had to share.

Author of New Dead Families

“Out with the old, in with the new old.”

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