Fresh & Easy = Cute & Streamlined

I do a lot of grocery shopping. My first reason for picking a store is the price, and second, quality. Appearance and packaging never has input, simply because a quality product at a good price is key. Today I experienced what it is like to go to a grocery store with super cute packaging (and unfortunately, not the best prices).

Fresh & Easy officially wins the prize for BEST PACKAGING…with flying colors! Literally.

I was filled with glee today as I skipped from isle to isle. Every item is so perfectly streamlined, smooth, pretty, simple and well, “fresh and easy” – looking. The meat section was beautiful. Airtight packages with unusually bright pinks, reds, and oranges shining through. The bakery section was lovely, cute cakes and pies, a wonderful font on all of them. Something akin to Century Gothic meets Calibri? Very cute. The colors of the packages matched the item inside. Mango cereal=mango box. Strawberry oatmeal? Strawberry colored box.

I love the mix of 50’s Modern meets 70’s Style. Truly perfected. I hope someone was paid very well for the overhaul they must have done.

Here are some of my very favorites from todays purchases. The butter package is so great! A stack of pancakes for the pancake mix? Genius! Simple, clean, CUTE. Am I the only one that gets this excited?

Fresh & Easy Packaging


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