The covers are here!

I scanned them in slightly crooked, but here they are! Zack did the cut outs for the paper construction, I used a scanned image of a painting I made (the fly), and I did the “spine” on the computer. The image on the back was taken in an industrial area of San Diego using magic and a very orange wall.

We spoke with the pressing company earlier today and it looks like the records should be here this week. Then we can turn our living room into a packaging center and get a ton ready for the two big shows with Autolux this weekend. First Soma on Saturday September 26th, and then Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa.

Rax Records is our own label composed of money, time, and devotion (but certainly not in that order). This is our very own self-released piece of music. Two songs, 45RPM, mixed vinyl and cute packaging. I’m so happy!

7" Front

7" Back

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One thought on “The covers are here!

  1. Sallly says:

    Love the colors. Very innovative art style. I like the blue lettering for the dabbers. The shadow of you both on the box is subtle and interesting.

    So Zack did the cut outs. Well he almost got kicked out of preschool due to a scissors incident. He was so skilled with scissors at age 3–he spent hour after hour cutting out hundreds of car photos from old magazines. To do it right he used pointed scissors. Well, in preschool he refused to use the little blunt scissor things and was verbal about it. The teacher spoke to me about it and I explained he used pointed scissors at home and he was extremely advanced for his age. She didn’t want the less skilled children to feel bad so she wouldn’t bend the rules. Besides scissors can be weapons. or “don’t run with scissors.”

    Hope you both are doing well.

    Love you
    A stranger.


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