60 Years of Pens and Paper

My page squashes this comic so please click HERE to view it in a readable format, if you like.

Hillcrest Stationers - 60 Years

2 thoughts on “60 Years of Pens and Paper

  1. mja says:

    haha, dope. yes, it was a sad day when i went to stationers to by a few envelopes and such only to be greeted by a locked door. when coupled with wahrenbrocks closing, that makes it a pretty devastating year for ma and pa type establishments in san diego.

    yeah…pff, lame.

    • gubba says:

      Yes…I think now it is officially the 2nd Great Depression since they both closed. I feel a great sadness for all that they represented, it’s like the demolition of the Hotel San Diego all over again.

      I just wish they would have not closed so abruptly – I could have had a chance to stock up on everything I would no longer be able to get!! Sigh.


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