Spaceships! Humanoids! Time Travel!

I’ve been reading a lot of science fiction circa 1940’s-50’s and I’ve been really really soaking it in on all sorts of levels (as you can see below it has seeped into my cartoon-ish aesthetic). I never really knew that I even liked sci-fi literature until I picked up these last three:

Rax, Michael Coney
More Than Human, Theodore Sturgeon
The Stars My Destination, Alfred Bester

They are all incredible books and I’m surprised that they are really considered sci-fi because they run so deep on so many levels. They are truly great pieces of literature, and aren’t at all dated by the era that they were written. I used to assume that most science fiction consisted of silly outdated predictions of the future, or outlandish ideas of what humans and earth and aliens would be like, but instead I’ve discovered a whole world of books that are strange little head-trips about life itself and are truly moving and eerie. Definitely not consisting of the classic and cliche post-apocolyptic water-world trashed New York scenery that I thought most sci-fi books were about. What a great discovery!

And here is a poster of the next Dabbers show at the Soda Bar to go along with this new exciting theme…

July 3rd Flyer

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