book piles..//..update

Currently working on revising pages and pages of old writing, organizing the piles of paper and random newspaper cutouts and assorted drawings on tiny little pieces of paper that I find in every moving box I open. I need a bookshelf terribly, and have been piling all of my books into order of style, just for the sake of feeling accomplished perhaps. Poster books, hardcovers and paperbacks, and with my Henry Miller collection aside, I only have one other literature obsession that is apparent at first glance – Ayn Rand. I only own her paperbacks, and most of the versions are really quite boring visually, but the hardcover versions are incredibly expensive, since her cultish following is very dedicated to owning the most vintage prints of her early works (and most famous of course, i.e. Fountainhead/Atlas Shrugged). On the subject of books, my most recent reads are: Atlas Shrugged, We The Living (both Ayn Rand), Stand Still Like the Hummingbird (Henry Miller), and a few comics I picked up at Comic Con, my favorites being Jeffrey Brown’s “Incredible Change-Bots” & “Miniature Sulk”. I think I need to reread Atlas Shrugged a few more times to really take a head-first dive into its meaning…kind of like Crime and Punishment (Russian literature tends to be a pain in the ass sometimes with each person having four or so different names, formal/family/friend/social…). As of right now, I am reading nothing but the different specks on the walls of my room…

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