Comic Con 2009…and beyond!

For Comic Con 2009, I am purchasing either a small press booth, or sharing a table with a friend. I’ve been wanting to be an exhibitor at the Con for 4 years now, and I think it’s time that I actually do something about it. I have so much art and ideas that I want people to take home with them. I want little gubba characters lurking in every corner of every household. I want evil cockroaches and sneaky suspicious vegetables hiding in peoples cabinets, and strangely cute bugs with spectacles sitting on your bookshelf. Yes, I want to become a part of your world, even if it is only an infinitesimal part of it. One year really is not that much time to produce the amount of stuff you need to see to the crowds at CC, but at least I will try. The closer I get to it, the better I feel about it. Really, when are you supposed to make a big step for your art? I’ve already had a self-promoted solo show, I’ve made and distributed a comic, I’ve been in group shows, but what of it? I still work 40+ hour weeks at a stressful (albeit rewarding, yes) day job, and I still only put a few hours of my week into my art. My friend Storm called me while he was walking the isles at this years ‘Artists Alley’, and asked, “Where’s the Gubba booth?”. Good question, I think it’s time that I actually answer it with something tangible.

3 thoughts on “Comic Con 2009…and beyond!

  1. stormko says:

    Well, I’ll be there––and in Tokyo, no less. So let me know how I can help.

    But, uh, if you’re going to miss me then, you should hang out with me BEFORE I LEAVE. haha.

    But, seriously, take advantage of me being there. Who knows when another from our group will be there again.

  2. gubba says:

    Man! Storm I’m gonna miss you when you leave for Japan. But I’m also going to look forward to meeting Japan for the first time by staying at your guys place, and maybe if I play me Gubba cards right then I can make myself popular in Japan first. haha

  3. stormko says:

    Do it.

    I’d say share a booth if possible. You don’t want to spend more money than you have to for your first time. Better to put that money into whatever you take. You know how the first time is––lots to learn, mistakes to be made.

    So you have a year to bombard the web with Gubbaness so that there is some hype when people go to next year’s Con; they’ll already be looking for you.

    I’m gonna try to be there.


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