Dear me!

What have I been doing all these months? Geez, it’s hard for me to even tell you. I moved into a new place, started playing a lot more shows with my band BRAAIINS!, and doing very little art. We practice about twice a week, and have had shows once a week for the past several months.
North Park House party with BRAAIINS!
I have plants now, that I consider my family. I water them at night and give them a lot of attention, probably more than most of my friends. I’ve turned into a litte rodent, eating little bites, coming out at night, and running myself ragged. I will be in an art show for the first time in over a year this coming July. It will be at the L Street Fine Art Gallery in downtown San Diego, the same weekend as Comic Con, Friday July 24th. BRAAIINS!, Wild Weekend, and Christmas Island will also be playing for musical entertainment. I have been really slacking in the art department, but musically, I feel totally enriched and creative. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to merge these two lifestyles into one. I want to produce Pigeon-Toad Issue #2, and have a few rough drafts in the making, but am far from a finished product. I think I need less work, more time, more drive, and some serious concentration. I shall yield something fruitful very soon, I promise myself! My little art tree is all shriveled and gray, bark peeling off in all directions, but just a little water and sunshine and I’ll be right on track.

One thought on “Dear me!

  1. stormko says:

    If you’re playing in a band, you’re still doing art. It’s just a different medium. Playing the bass is no different than going from painting to sculptures. So I wouldn’t sweat it. As long as your moving, doing, then that’s all that really matters. You’re just adding to what Gubba means and who she is.


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