Pigeon-Toad Comics

Pigeon-Toad Comics: Issue Number One is officially done. Enjoy 8 pages of twisted humor drawn by the one and only Gubba. Cover

How do you get your hands on this little guy? Well, if you are one of my friends, you have probably got one on the way via post. If you are a stranger and would love to get one, here is how you should do it:

Mail me 3 (that’s right, just three!) US dollars to:
PO BOX 122735
San Diego, CA


Come to the KAVA LOUNGE (2812 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA), SUNDAY NOVEMBER 25TH at 7PM and get it yourself. It will be a group show with music and art. I will be debuting the new comic, and featuring some new guoche ink paintings as well. A flyer will be posted soon.

And last, some thank you’s….
Lee Lavy via TardCore Comics: for helping with layout stuff by flipping through pages of alien nudity and disgust Trista: For sewing together my first rough draft and thinking my cartoons are funny in the first place Mikey: For all of the suggestions, especially making me redraw the first turd to make him even better Joey: Not letting me get away with the first version of the cover totally sucking, and for being cool all the time Storm: For not letting you see the comic until it was done – it made me want to finish it faster….and Kinko’s for totally screwing me on the pricing. Yeah! Pigeon

2 thoughts on “Pigeon-Toad Comics

  1. Kung Fu Pimp says:

    Okay, I suck ’cause I got this cool lil’ comic book early this week (thankyouberrymush), but I only just now got around to tellin’ you.

    That said, I really enjoyed your first foray into the comics realm, missy. I’m also proud of you for actually doing it — and what’s more, doing a pretty damned fine job of it.

    My favorite strips were “Tragedy of the Pond Dweller” and the “Crumbs” section, because it had some of cool gags. But it was all cool.

    Lastly, in a few days I ‘shall’ (your word) be sending you three bux so that you can send a copy to someone else who I think will enjoy having her own copy of “Pigeon Toad.”

  2. Sugardale says:

    I have actually read this comic and it is pretty funny, because poop is funny, and so are smoking animals that are cute and disgusting at the same time.


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