New stuffs and things

Amongst the lazy days of an ending summer I have been involved in some very fun events. I went to Portland to visit my brother for a few days, enjoyed some rainy weather, excellent coffee, and the company of some very special people. My dad flew up with me as well so I enjoyed drawing pictures of gorillas and dinosaurs on the plane whilst discussing his life as a bouncer at a downtown club. He is a very interesting man. I did a lot of drawing in Portland once I rediscovered the magic of some vintage (printed in 1955) Golden Press school books I had bought at a garage sale about 10 years ago. They had been packed away in a box from when I lived in Portland in 2005, and when I got there I immediatly shoved them back into my suitcase to bring the damn things home, because they are so cool. I am currently using them as a reference for my animal characters…more on that later –my vintage 1955 schoolbooks

One thought on “New stuffs and things

  1. saratoga says:

    i love golden books! we should have a show and tell with are books!


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