things i think aren’t cool… reading five books of Harry Potter consecutively the past two weeks to catch up with the movie currently showing in theaters. actually I still have 200 pages to finish before i see the movie tomorrow night, which I can do, but then I still have two more to read to actually finish the series before the dramatic ending is revealed through Harry Potter fans that surround me at work. Which is about….1600 pages or more? Meanwhile I’ve let this blog gather dust and the scanner I’ve borrowed from Storm to download some recent sketches also gathers dustballs….

AND I still have to fix two pieces from my show that got all bubbly and screwed up, so now I am almost two weeks late in delivering them to their proper owners. Talk about some slacker artist.

3 thoughts on “things i think aren’t cool…

  1. The Gubba says:

    no, i am quite enjoying the taste of the food! even thought im reading each book in a matter of days, i am thoroughly enjoying them.

  2. stormko says:

    It’s like shoving all the food in your mouth and not enjoying the taste just so you can eat desert.

  3. starberry says:

    potter is not a priority


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