a few more..

More goodies from the Gubba bag of art. The last one is titled “Suspicious Vegetables”, and this seemed to receive the most positive response from the most varied amount of people. I really thought about this afterward to try to pinpoint what it is that makes it better to people than say, the Miserable HotDog (which is my favorite). My conclusion is that most likely, the fact that there are more characters in one picture to look at, and also, that a picture of vegetables seems more like a practical thing to buy than a miserable looking hot dog, if we’re talking ‘house’ art. Meaning, everyone who liked the Suspicious Vegetables piece kept telling me how “it would look SO cute in my kitchen!”. Not that that isn’t understandable, but I think my point, if I’m even getting to one, is that vegetables are ‘easier’ to like if you are not ‘into’ art, as opposed to something supposedly abstract like a giant hot dog looking character, that doesn’t really look that much like a hot dog.

And as another side note, the original Suspicious Vegetables was not colored, as you can see in the picture above the colored one, but the person who bought it asked me to color it. So I made a copy of the original, and colored it using a mix of cheap watercolors and fancy guoche ink, which, I’ll admit, made me feel a bit bothered, since the whole point of the show was a bunch of black and white images of “super inky” stuff.

One thought on “a few more..

  1. John Young says:

    cool drawings! i like the “puffers” Package.


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