Super Inky Paper Pop!

The following are four pieces from my last solo show appropriatly titled “Super Inky Paper Pop!”at the Red Lantern Tattoo Gallery in Hillcrest. There was a total of 19 pieces shown, and among my very favorites are these. The process was a bit tedious, but a completely new medium with which I had ventured.

Each drawing was taken from different sketchbooks from the past year, and blown up at Kinkos by about 400%, if not more. I flipped the image during this process, and laid down the freshly printed copies onto heavier bristol board vellum finished paper. I then transferred the image by pretty much soaking the paper (thus, “super inky”) with Chartpak Colorless Blender markers (which are Xylene based markers, making the process quite odorous), and rubbing the print onto the bristol board with a bone burnisher. After the whole piece had been burnished, I removed the photocopy (now reeking of xylene chemicals). The finished piece was adhered to simple foam core with art store spray adhesive and mounted with one little sawtooth hanger.

The lessons learned from this method were many. For one, using xylene based markers is a bit mesmerizing on the brain cells, and requires a much ventilated area and a gas mask. Second, a simple ten dollar spray adhesive doesn’t keep the stiff bristol board glued very well to the glossy foam core, and results in minor (but annoying and noticeable) bubbling and rippling. On the broccoli piece, the sides of the paper began completely lifting off the foam core in a matter of weeks. I have been suggested the use of wheat paste in the future, but for now I believe this medium has run its ‘course’ for me. I am ready to venture into new areas of oversized sketches.


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