Kids Coloring Page Commission

My friend Stacey Poon, owner of The Trails Eatery  here in San Diego asked me to design a kids coloring page in black & white to use for her restaurant . Of course, this is a dream come true kind of commission for me because I love drawing food with eyeballs. I sent her the black and white versions but here are the colored versions. I love doing commissions like these!

fruits_colored WITH LOGOveggies_colored WITH LOGO

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New Full-Length Dabbers Album!

IT’S HERE. Our FULL-LENGTH album titled “I Am Alien Now”: 11 songs, 37 minutes, drums, bass, and reverby party time. This marks the first album w/leading lady vocals by yours truly, too! We are so proud of this little alien. Get your digital copy for only $7!

Engineered and produced by Rafter Santos-Roberts with The Dabbers at Singing Serpent Studios in San Diego. Enjoy!! 

fuzzy cover final.jpg

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Three Mile Pilot/Dabbers show flyer

This one was pretty fun for me to work on, especially coloring it. Inspired by the name, of course, I had to draw a pilot in a plane.

Dabbers poster with three mile pilot

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What’s In A Name?

I started blogging 15 years ago. My site name started as “Things I Think Are Cool,” which later transitioned to “PigeonToadComics” (named after a mini zine I self-published).

Here we are in 2016. I always have loved my last name “Gubba” and found that visually and vocally it expressed something lighthearted, strange, and fun all at once. Pronounced “Goo-bah”, it hails from Hawaiian ancestry. Or, that’s what I am told by my lovely brown-eyed Pacific Islander grandmother, who’s trademark is bright orange lipstick (which unfortunately took me 15 years to finally appreciate for the radical, stylish, and bold look that it is, just like her).

It’s only one half of my original maiden name, the other is a decidedly German, which my grandfather seems particularly proud of. Combined with a little hyphen, my last name caused many a spelling and pronunciation error as I grew up.

I split with the German part (not legally, but artistically) because it just didn’t connect with me. I felt more like a “Gubba” then anything. It took me several years of running blogs with long-winded titles to finally accept that it wasn’t necessary. My name is enough.

I’m not sure why I wanted to share this, but so much of me is still so unsettled by the sudden death of David Bowie. When I think of his name, and what it represents, it makes me think of how powerful a name can be. What it can inspire. How colorful it can be.

It’s a rather simple first name – David, and a neat little last name – Bowie. Combined with offset eyes, wild hair, and a long, lean figure draped in dazzling clothes that speak of other planets rather than designers – we are presented with David Bowie. A namesake for all the freaks, outcasts, weirdos, lovers, dreamers, and abstract figures living among us, within us, and outside of us should we dare to expose it.

His impression on me and millions of others is one of quiet awe, inspiration, admiration, adoration, and wide-eyed appreciation.

I wonder what each of us could accomplish if we owned our name, our minds, our creativity such as he did. If we took everything we had, and ran with it. If we let ourselves become what we want most to be, not passively, but with courage and boldness and passion. Unrelenting. Unreal. Un-human?

To David Bowie – thank you.


Photo of David BOWIE




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Craft & Draft – all done!

The Craft and Draft Holiday Bazaar was a great learning experience and networking event for me. Things I learned today:

  1. Make prices easy to read. Keep it simple. Less is more. I can get a little carried away with borders and dollar signs and such. Price tags are not another art form!
  2. Stuff that people can touch with their hands sells quicker – the pins and magnets were a hit! Anything packaged, framed, or otherwise not super accessible is more likely to be ignored. At least for a “grab & go” shopping experience at a busy holiday bazaar.
  3. Bring more cash change. Cards aren’t always the preferred method. Again, with a “grab & go” shopping mentality, cash is king. Next time I’ll be prepared.

I will be listing the pocket mirrors, new magnets & pins, and all original prints on Etsy. I have an old account that needs quite a bit of freshening. What better way to start the New Year with a spruced up online shop?

Now that this show is over, I’m looking forward to a little relaxing, tea, and sending off christmas cards to all my friends and family. I have one illustration commission to finish up this week – and then it’s the official holiday season/break for me!

Ornaments (Boozy, Pizza, and Beer):IMG_0058

All ready!





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Mirrors are here! 6 more days…

Measuring a perfect 2.25″, these guys are perfect for your purse. Beer or pizza on one side, helpful little mirror on the other!


One Week!

Craft & Draft is just around the corner!

My pocket mirrors will be delivered on Monday, and I continue to make new original pieces for the show. I have about 30+ originals from my solo show in September that will also be for sale. Lots of new magnets too! Hope to see you there!

I’m making prints of the most popular characters from the show as well – including:

“Brostritch” – below..

  •  12232849_10206454610777696_3901533970277121439_o
  • Ol’ Possum” – an upside down possum, smiling.
  • “Reggae Palm” – a reggae palm tree, of course.
  • Dancing Dill” – a green dill pickle doing a little jig.
  • Little Birdie” – a little birdie walking around town.
  • ….and more!

Click here to be directed to the Facebook event.



Pocket Mirror Designs

I’m really excited to have real merchandise (besides original art) at the Craft & Draft event. This is the first time I’ve really ever printed my art on actual, usable products.

Below is a BEFORE and AFTER of a pizza drawing that will be made into a small 2.25″ compact mirror. I’m so excited!!



Pizza Cropped

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Cute Creatures, Good Times

Working on a banner and business cards for Craft & Draft as well as for future shows. This little squid was an original piece from the QTOD art show. I scanned it in before I sold it, and am really happy how it fits the new business cards! I’ve also realized how silly it seems now to include “.com” on anything. It ruins the aesthetic a little and it’s pretty unnecessary at this point in the game, it seems.

little squidbusiness card

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